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African safari package selections

Africa is a fabulous destination if you are looking for raw wildlife feeling. Some lodges don’t allow children under six on game drives, others have a “no children under 12” policy. But there are plenty of family-friendly safari operators, many lodges have swimming pools and babysitting services, and going on safari as a family is one of the most rewarding experiences for children and their parents, an educational adventure that can instil in travellers of all ages a deeper respect for the natural world and our place in it.

There’s a reason it’s called “wildlife”. The animals you’ll see on safari, even in reserves and national parks, are wild and many of them are dangerous predators. That said, safari operators take every precaution to keep you safe by giving you a few rules for game drives (such as: don’t stand up in the vehicle) and providing guards who patrol camps and lodges and can even escort you back to your room after dark in case of an unexpected close encounter with a leopard or baboon. Self-drive safaris occasionally make the news, but are safe if you obey a few simple but essential guidelines such as: keep the windows up and the doors locked, never leave your vehicle and don’t harass the animals.

The Masai Mara is one of the most spectacular and beautiful locations on Earth. Golden sunsets bathe the quintessential-African landscape of rolling savanna grasslands in a stunning flame-hued glow that you’ll struggle to get out of your mind once you’ve left.

The Masai Mara reserve welcomes the awe-inspiring wildebeest migration every year: millions of animals follow the wildebeest through the area from July onwards resulting in the most abundant concentration of wildlife anywhere in Africa. View hyena, cheetah, baboons, crocodiles, hippo, gazelle, zebra, impala…the list goes on…and you can consider yourself unlucky if you don’t spy most of the Big 5 animals in an extended stay. The Masai Mara is legendary and this is why. More info on african safari package.

Lost Land of the Jaguar Safari, WildLife Worldwide

A South American safari is a little different to an African one; instead of spotting the Big Five in savannah grasslands, you could be climbing through lush vegetation in search of exotic animals you’ve never even heard of. This Latin tour with a difference takes place in Guyana and begins in the capital city of Georgetown, before things move to the dense and verdant Iwokrama Forest, which covers some 3,710 square kilometers of central Guyana. It’s here that you might spot red howler monkeys, red-and-green macaws, black spider monkeys and black caimans. Other safari highlights include; a walk on the open savannah of Surama, a climb to the low summit of Surama Mountain, a boat trip on Burro-Burro River to track river otter, tapir, tayra, spider monkey and tropical birds, a boat road to Awarmie Mountain and, a visit to the grass ponds of the Rewa River to see the world’s largest freshwater fish. Full-board accommodation at a selection of comfortable lodges is usually included in quotes.

The Okavango Delta is an unique inland water system created at the point where the Okavango River flows into the Kalahari Desert basin. It sustains an astonishing variety of wildlife and swells and recedes throughout the year according to the annual rains. The most exciting way to explore is on a traditional canoe or mokoro and the best time to visit is during the annual flood. Confusingly, this coincides with the May to September dry season. At this time, the Delta’s animals are confined to the islands created by the flood, making them easier to spot. Highlights include great herds of elephant and antelope, hippos, crocodiles, lions and cheetah. Many of the birds spotted here are endemic.

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