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Budapest attractions and top destinations selection – Budapest cruise

Budapest is an incredible city. Ancient history, an imperial background, Europe’s biggest river and a stunning architecture. Budapest offers a lot of travel attractions and the most incredible is the Budapest cruise. But there are a lot of attractions in Budapest, we will talk about some of them and finishing with some details about the Danube river cruise.

The impressive Heroes’ Square (Hosok tere) was largely the work of architect Albert Schickedanz, who was also responsible for the huge Museum of Fine Arts that flanks this large open space. Highlights include the Millennium Monument, a 36-meter column crowned by a figure of the Archangel Gabriel and unveiled in the late 19th century. Around the plinth can be seen a group of bronze horsemen representing the conquering Magyar Prince Arpad and six of his fellow warriors. On either side of the column, colonnades extend in a semi-circle, and between the individual pillars stand statues of Hungarian rulers. Above the corner pillars are beautiful works in bronze by Zala. In front of the Millennium Monument stands a memorial to the Unknown Soldier.

Today, it’s one of Budapest’s most popular sights; however, at the time of its construction, it was intended simply as part of the Millennial Exhibition held in the city in 1896. Built from cardboard and wood and designed by Ignac Alpar, the castle featured replicas of buildings throughout the Kingdom of Hungary. It was converted into stone during the early 1900s and now plays host to a number of festivals and events, as well as being home to the Hungarian Agricultural Museum. Europe’s largest synagogue (and the world’s second largest), The Great Synagogue was built in the Moorish Revival style in 1859. During WWII, the building suffered damage and misuse; it wasn’t until the 1990s that it would be restored to its former glory. Within the Synagogue’s complex, visitors will find the Jewish Cemetery – the resting place of thousands who died during the Holocaust – and the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park, dedicated to the Swedish diplomat who worked to save thousands from Nazi and Arrow Cross persecution.

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The tour offers a considerable amount of attractions on both banks of River Danube. Right at the pontoon of the Elizabeth Bridge, the Gellert Hill displays a great panorama with the Citadel and its Statue of Liberty. Located atop the hills of Buda, the Castle district is an important landmark in itself. Hungary’s history is embodied in buildings and monuments such as the Royal Palace of Buda, the Bazaar Gardens, and the Matthias Church with Holy Trinity Square or the Fisherman’s Bastion. The Pest side of the Danube is equally prominent, rich in wonderful architecture and design. Besides, the Danube Promenade is also home to the finest cafes and restaurants in the city.