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High quality travel attractions in Atlanta

Top rated travel destinations Atlanta: There are no end of interesting places to visit in Atlanta, with top tourist attractions ranging from the arts to sports. Along the way, you’ll also discover numerous historic sites, state-of-the-art museums, as well as beautiful parks and gardens. Whatever your interests, you’ll be able to plan your visit easily with this list of the top tourist attractions and things to do in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the top things to do in Atlanta with kids, the Georgia Aquarium features a wide variety of marine life and some very interesting and interactive activities for visitors. One of the world’s largest aquarium, it houses more than 100,000 aquatic creatures, including the largest sharks in the ocean: whale sharks.

Atlanta is still the focal point of an important network of rail lines and interstate highways. Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, 10 miles (16 km) southwest of downtown Atlanta, is one of the world’s busiest airports. The first rapid-transit commuter rail opened in 1979, and by the early 21st century the system had expanded to include several more lines. Atlanta remains the financial and commercial capital of the Southeast and is its most important distribution centre. Printing and publishing, high-technology industries, telecommunications, airline services, military and government services, and banking and insurance are supplemented by industries producing aircraft, beverages, automobiles, electronics and electrical equipment, chemicals, processed foods, and paper products. Atlanta is also the focus of federal government activity in the Southeast and is the headquarters of the 6th Federal Reserve District. The city itself is relatively small but is surrounded by a sprawl of low-density suburbs. Discover even more information at Atlanta minimum wage.

Spread across 33 acres in Atlanta’s trendy Buckhead neighborhood, the Atlanta History Center seeks to explore Georgia’s past through comprehensive exhibitions, historic homes and miles of gardens and trails. The center’s primary facility is the Atlanta History Museum, which showcases exhibits that span the region’s history, from the culture of the Creek and Cherokee Indians’ ancestors to life in the antebellum South. Near the museum is the Swan House, a restored estate originally built in 1928. Living up to its name, many rooms are adorned with a swan- or bird-themed decor. Outside the house, the 10-acre Swan Woods preserves plants native to Georgia. Nearby, you can view Smith Farm to learn about the life of enslaved people at the plantation. The farm features historic buildings relocated for preservation that reflect what life on such a farm would have been like in the 1860s. It recreates the enslaved people’s garden, including a garden kitchen. Sheep, goats, chickens and other animals also live on the farm. Those seeking a deep dive into Atlanta’s history can explore the extensive holdings at the Kenan Research Center. Keep in mind: The Margaret Mitchell House is part of the Atlanta History Center, but is located in midtown Atlanta.

The Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta began as a six-acre burial ground in 1850, and was originally designed as a garden cemetery. Over the years, particularly during the time of the Civil War, the site grew, accommodating those killed on the battlefield. Eventually the cemetery came to encompass 88 acres, and in 1884 stopped selling plots. In the ensuing years, this once lovely cemetery fell into disrepair, as those tending the plots moved away or died. Fast forward to 1976, and the Oakland Cemetery was declared a National Historic Landmark and the Historic Oakland Foundation was established. In combination with the city, the organization has done much work to maintain the cemetery. Today it is promoted as a historic cemetery and parkland with gardens, sculptures, and wildlife. There is even a Visitor Center and Museum Shop.

Atlanta conjures up images of Southern charm, hot nights, great food, hip hop, history and more. With all the things to do in this sprawling city, it’s no wonder Atlanta is one of the best cities in America to visit. The nickname “Hotlanta” doesn’t just refer to sweltering summer days and nights, it also reflects the cutting-edge restaurants, acclaimed bars and hotspots that keep people coming back (and staying permanently). Whether you’re a local or a visitor, be sure to check out the best Atlanta attractions — we’ve got them all right here for you.

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