Travel Tours Reviews Destinations Compare tours and attraction ticket prices at MetaTrip and a couple possible holiday locations

Compare tours and attraction ticket prices at MetaTrip and a couple possible holiday locations

Staying in London once should be on the to do list of any traveler’s. If you are traveling to London for the first time, you are probably wondering how much time you need in London. You have to realise that London is huge and there is no way to see everything in just a few days or even a few weeks. So don’t come to London thinking that you can see it all in just one or two days. For first-time visitors I recommend to spend at least 3-4 days in London. This should give you sufficient time to get acquainted with the city, see the main landmarks, and visit a few attractions. Also, don’t try to see ‘everything’. This is simply not possible and will leave you tired and frustrated. Plan to visit no more than two or three bigger attractions every day and leave some time for unexpected discoveries.

Plus points choosing private Rome tour guide: Take the trip you want, the way that you want it. We pride ourselves in creating engaging and fun itineraries but we still understand that not everyone is thrilled to be doing each of the activities we have chosen. That’s where private tours really shine. You choose the people you want to go with, the destination, and the activities you want to do. With the help of our tour operations team, you can build your dream vacation.

A selection of a few travel destinations that i think must be visited at least once. Northern Europe and especially Denmark is a fabulous travel destination. Copenhagen – Another place that should be high on your Scandinavian wish list is Copenhagen. If your impression of the Danish capital is of bleak, glowering streets gleaned from gloomy Scandi Noir detective series, think again. The epitome of cool, this is a trendy and welcoming waterside city with a lively and surprisingly hip caf?, bar and music scene. Europe’s cycling capital, it’s a great place to explore by bike, or by boat. From the historic 12th-century castle and grand royal palaces to the traditional Tivoli Gardens and alternative ‘free town’ of Christiania, the city’s attractions are varied.

Other Adventure Travel things to do:

Oman isn’t on the bucket-list for most travelers, which makes it all the more appealing to adventurers looking to get as far away from the large tourist crowds as possible. For 2019, Flash Pack is taking travelers into this little-known realm where they’ll get the chance to experience the history and culture of a place that is both accommodating and mysterious at the same time. Highlights include trekking along Oman’s famous Balcony Walk, which overlooks a massive canyon, and taking a 4×4 deep into the desert where only the nomads roam. In true Flash Pack style, there will be a few surprises along the way as well, including spending the night in a bedouin camp and taking a dip in a hidden water pool located deepen the desert.

At Metatrip, we aim to build the world’s best travel search and price comparison tools. With every search query, Metatrip simultaneously searches the best travel provider websites to show travelers the data they need to find the right tours, attraction tickets and activities around the world, at the best possible price. More info at Search tour packages.

Top destinations for holidays with kids, a big problem for families with kids. Let’s see some destinations that are ideal for kids. Just a short 6-hour flight from the East Coast, Portugal has everything you need for a European family getaway-rich culture and history, amazing food, beautiful scenery-but without the crowds or high costs of other European capitals, making it a perfect choice to stretch your travel dollars in 2019. Start your trip in easy-to-navigate Lisbon. The city is full of kid-centric attractions, including the expansive Oceanarium, voted TripAdvisor’s top aquarium in the world, filled with everything from sharks to sunfish. Hop on one of the city’s affordable yellow tramcars to traverse the cobblestone streets of the historic quarter and visit S?o George Castle. For dinner, Bairro de Avillez features a spacious courtyard design, friendly atmosphere, and extensive menu of Portuguese bites. Then hop a train to the coastal town of Cascais, just 30 minutes west. Originally a historic fishing village, today Cascais offers an easy beach getaway with 19th-century charm. Nearby, step into the fairytale UNESCO World Heritage Site Sintra, filled with spectacular castles guaranteed to impress your kids.

Amazing Sardinia, a must see for everyone. Take a cruise from the Banchina Dogana (harbor) in Alghero to the tip of Capo Caccia, the long headland that you saw from Alghero’s walls, to visit this beautiful cave, bristling with stalagmites and stalactites that reflect in an underground lake. The Grotta di Nettuno was carved by the sea, in cliffs that tower almost 304 meters above. The mouth of the cave is at sea level, and arriving by water is the most dramatic way to approach, not to mention the easiest. But you can also drive there, about 14 kilometers from Alghero, passing an interesting nuraghi alongside the road. Once there, you’ll need to walk down (and, remember, also climb back up) on the 656 steps of the Escala del Cabirol (goat stairs), carved into the face of the cliff.

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