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Sardinia travel attractions

Sardinia … an incredible place to visit.. You may wonder if you need to stop at every nuraghe, and if you haven’t become fascinated with these mysterious towers by now, perhaps you shouldn’t. But most tourists quickly fall under the spell of these towers of which so much remains unknown, and soon discover that each one is quite different. Considered one of the three best, Losa has several distinctions. It is lighted inside by recessed lamps, so if you don’t carry a flashlight, this is your chance to see the interior details of its stacked stone thalos domes. It is one of the most complex, a large tower with three outer towers forming a triangular bastion, which you can explore through a maze of stone passageways that spiral up inside its massive walls. The second floor is still intact and the roof complete. Although dating from about the 12th to 14th centuries BC (the Bronze Age), the large central room of the main tower is in excellent condition and more refined in its construction than most others. A tiny museum contains bronze bracelets and other artifacts found here.

Situated on the north west coast, Alghero still shows traces of its Catalan past, whose use has been preserved in the variant of the “algherese”, and spoken nowadays in a small percentage. The town boasts a striking Gothic-style historic center with the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Guillot Palace and the 14th-century Church of San Francesco, the Coral Museum and a long natural bay overlooking the emerald sea. Situated on the north west coast, it has the romantic charm of the river cities and a lot of traditions still alive. The historic district of the city worthwhile to visit, made by colorful houses that climb the hill on the side. The top of the hill is dominated by the Malaspina Castle, so called by the Tuscan family who built it up in the XII century. The Castle can be seen from the historic Ponte Vecchio of Bosa, considered one of the 30 most beautiful bridges in Italy. Extra info on Luxury Travel in Sardinia

Nuraghe are Bronze Age archeological structures that are scattered all over the island of Sardinia and are often surrounded with remnants of Nuragic villages. Two towns with well-preserved and curated ruins are Arzachena in the north near Olbia and Barumini in the south near Cagliari. This impressive rock formation, known in Italian as Capo d’Orso, is a short drive from Palau and has been an attraction since prehistoric times. It is an easy climb to the top, with spectacular 360 degree views over the archipelago of La Maddalena, Palau, and the the old military Forte di Capo d’Orso on offer.

The Sardinian capital Cagliari was built on seven hills. The oldest part of the city, Castello, lies on top of one of these hills, resulting in a stunning view of the Gulf of Cagliari, or Angels Gulf. Especially from Bastione San Remy, which was built in the typical local white lime-stone, you can see most other parts of Cagliari, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. When you have reached the top of Bastione San Remy, the beautiful Romanesque Cathedral of Cagliari is at walking distance, making the climb even more worthwhile.

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