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Motorbike route in the north of Lleida

The concept of rolling on two wheels is so broad that here, from this corner of the web, we specialize in the playful side of discovering perfect places for it, recreating us with places of undisputed beauty or, simply, areas where you can treat the, as we say, more and more numerous group of motorcyclists passionate about discovering Spain on a motorcycle, regardless of how far away from the destination because, of course, the important thing is to “pineapple” with the motorcycle and our companions. So much or more than the destination itself?

Lleida reserves interesting surprises for those of us who like to enjoy the bike while travelling.

In this case, few places will be fuller to be enjoyed on motorbikes than the province of Lleida, and in particular its northern slope, where roads and landscapes seem to form an indisputably beautiful, radiant whole. In fact, the aim of a recent project called “Moturisme Ara Lleida”, promoted by the Tourist Board of the Provincial Council of the province, is to make known its incredible beauty to be enjoyed on two wheels. There are plenty of reasons for it and, to do so, we are going to demonstrate it as it should be done, rolling on the ground. Ara Lleida! Here we go as say the team city tour Barcelona.

Motorbike route in the north of Lleida with Ruralka


Thanks to the program “Moturisme Ara Lleida”, you will find a long list of restaurants and hotels where, attention, you will be able to park your bike in places specifically designed for it. Sometimes it is not only about parking in battery, far from any “canned” that, maneuvering while consulting the mobile, can throw the bike to the ground, but also the fact of leaving the bike to safe means that you can perform the maintenance and care that she needs in facilities suitable for it. Do you need to tighten or lubricate the chain? No, because your bike have cardan? Perfect, then maybe you should check the pressure of your tyres, so you won’t be surprised to find a compressor at your disposal, or a pressure washer to leave your fatigue partner clean for the next day. As easy as that and as complicated as finding it elsewhere. The project has the collaboration of the Márquez brothers, who, through the Cervera Regional Museum, offer motorcyclists all kinds of useful information. An unbeatable guarantee. In our case, we have decided to approach the most beautiful area of the province, the north of it, bordering on the Pyrenees and Andorra very close, on the other side of the Sierra del Cadí where we suggest you shoot in an environment in which the images of Juan Sanz, say much more than a thousand words. It is the reflection of a lover and passionate about motorcycles and nature.

Motorbike route in the north of Lleida with Ruralka


If there is a province where we are looked at with the due respect and we are welcome, that is Lleida; and if there is a point of obligatory visit in a route by its lands, that is the Museum of the Motorbike of Bassella. We arrived there after leaving our old rural construction, an old farmhouse converted into a hotel under the name of Casa dels Peixos, where the environment is accompanied by facilities that the old inhabitants of the mansion already wanted…. Located near the Rialb Reservoir, very close is the first town of reference and place indicated as the beginning and end of our journey. Ponts takes us towards Bassella along the C-14, and it will be shortly before arriving at the village where we will find the museum facilities. It is unforgivable to pass through here and not stop for as long as necessary. You can refuel, park in a specific area, even roofed, or if you are hungry you can also count on a restaurant, all around a huge car park.

The Bassella Motorbike Museum is a must-see.

The Museum of the Motorcycle of Bassella is point of obligatory visit

At the end of the visit, shortly after lining up the C-14 we find the detour to Solsona by the C-26. We begin a loop that will take us through the Col de Marina to Sant Llorenç de Morunys. The LV-4241 will bring us closer to Berga through the Sierra de Queralt, on Barcelona soil, to show us the fun roads and the unique environment of the Sierra del Cadí, a pearl difficult to overcome in beauty while wheels on good road surface. The Natural Park of the Cadí-Moixeró surrounds us with the magic of the extraordinary Pedraforca, its spearhead with 2.497 m of altitude, that watches our steps while we go away by Tuixent towards the Coll de Port, already immersed in the Sierra del Verd. The reencounter with Sant Llorenç serves us to turn right in search of the Sierra del Port del Compte; we do not fail to make curves through the different ports that attack us, such as Coll de Nargó, Bóixols or Faidella, before reaching Isona. There is still one last stretch along the Coll de Comiols until we reach Folquer on the C-1412b. To our left we will locate the detour towards Casa dels Peixos and, after Gualter, the arrival to Ponts.

Motorbike route through the north of Lleida with Ruralka


Motorbike route in the north of Lleida with Ruralka: Its enclave is located in Baronia de Rialb, very close to the reservoir of the same name irrigated by the waters of the river Segre. This country house converted into a rural establishment makes use of a dream environment with a natural swimming pool, shared with a nearby nursery, a relaxing area and a total and absolute tranquillity, obligatory to be away from any urban nucleus withdrawn from the worldly noise. The access is in the road C-1412b, having to cross 6 km by neighboring roads immersed in a Mediterranean forest of pines and oaks. Source: