Travel Tours Reviews Destinations Surf camp Salina Cruz and other adventure travel top locations

Surf camp Salina Cruz and other adventure travel top locations

Darien Gap adventure travel locations are a trendy thing to do right now. Few attractions include Old Customs, It is a colonial-style building, built in order to serve as traffic control office Port San Blas. Today is the Casa de la Cultura in which a museum which houses some prehispanic pieces found in some localities home, you can also see traces of its construction based on thick and solid walls and its ancient arches gateway.

Other Adventure Travel destinations:

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is definitely a must-do for any adventure traveler, but if you’ve already knocked off a trek to the highest point in Africa, then perhaps circumnavigating it on foot is your next big challenge. The Kilimanjaro Stage Run gives trail runners the chance to see the mountain –– and the surrounding countryside –– in a way that most foreigners never get to experience. Over the course of six days, partipants in the run will cover more than 160 miles, completely on foot, passing through remote villages seldom visited by westerners. The run is led by none other than Simon Mtuy, a world-class marathon runner who created the KSR as a way to bring more visitors to his home country. The trip isn’t for the feint of heart however, as it requires good physical conditioning and the ability to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. The rewards are numerous and potentially life-changing however, making this a journey that will stay with you long after you’ve gone back home.

At Tao Travel 365 we believe in eco-friendly travel preserving the beauties of nature and forming meaningful human relationships with the locals, while adhering to our Tao philosophies that focus on being in balance with yourself and with nature. Every adventure we offer to our customers has been handpicked and personally experienced by Michael and Paola, who value high quality experiences, great prices and excellent customer service. Extra details at Surf camp Mexico

Why is Spain one of the best adventure travel destinations in the world? Do you even have to ask? This is the country that gave us bull and tomato fighting! Spain has top adventure destinations like hiking the Pyrenees or walking the Santiago de Compostela. Stay with a Spanish family and learn to habla español and take a siesta like the locals!

Imagine a place which genuinely looks like a Robinson Crusoe hideaway. The sand is white and fine, the sea feels warm like bathwater, coconut palms will provide welcome shade, the snorkeling is excellent, and there probably won’t be more than fifteen of you there. The Kuna will feed you and take you to other islands, but otherwise they will just let you be. It is, genuinely, a little piece of paradise. We invite you to join our San Blas Day Tour and experience this little piece of heaven for yourself. Extra details at Huatulco sailing

Raft the Grand Canyon, USA – When you think of the Grand Canyon, you may imagine cruising overhead in a helicopter or looking down on the iconic red rock from above, but heading down to the Colorado River will offer a whole new vantage point. Commercial tour trips offer the opportunity to go rafting along the Colorado River for anywhere between one day to three weeks, but book in advance to guarantee you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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